EMOSpeech completes first round of private investment

EMOSpeech completes first round of private investment to expand development of Speech Emotion Recognition Applications for Call Centers

Mexico City, Mexico, February 26, 2013 – EMOSpeech, a startup based in Puebla, Mexico, and Cambridge, MA, announced today the successful completion of a first round of private investment.

Building on its momentum in enterprise applications based on speech emotion recognition, EMOSpeech will use the new funds to accelerate development of its speech analytics and real time monitoring tools for Call Centers.

QUOTE by Miriam Reyes, Executive Director: “Our goal is to make EMOSpeech a global leader in enterprise applications based on speech emotion recognition. Our first product is a Call Classifier and Speech Analytics platform currently in beta testing with a leading call center in Mexico. Our next step will be to release our final version and expand our client base with professional services, while we work in our second product release. While there is tremendous value in speech analytics, we want to take this even further, so that call centers can monitor performance in real time, adopting a proactive approach to understanding and improving customer interactions.”

Investors include Wayra, the global technology accelerator program created by Telefónica Digital, and several private investors.

About EMOSpeech

Founded in 2011 and privately-held, EMOSpeech develops enterprise applications based on speech emotion recognition. EMOSpeech Call Classifier is a powerful tool for monitoring customer interactions that helps Call Centers extract meaningful business intelligence from recorded calls. EMOSpeech applications are available as a cloud-based service or on-premise platform, with professional services available from a team of consultants with expertise in emotion recognition and speech analytics.

EMOSpeech technology was developed from research done at the National Institute of Astrophysics, Optics and Electronics INAOE in Tonantzintla, Mexico. EMOSpeech was one of the first ten startups sponsored by Wayra Mexico, the technology accelerator program created by Telefónica Digital.

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