Thank you for calling, how are you today?

When I recently called my cable provider to report a problem, the help desk specialist took my name and politely asked “Thank you for calling Mr. Raul, how are you today?”. I don’t think the specialist that handled my call was actually interested in finding out if I was having a good day or not, but it is a polite way to greet a customer.

Finding out how customers feel is a good way to start a conversation, and when done systematically, can impact a company’s bottom line. But how do you find out how customers feel, and what can you do with this information?

Call centers monitor all kinds of information about calls, including delay times, hold times, abandon rates and service level. Measuring how effectively the call center is meeting customer needs, however, is a different matter. Call centers rely on surveys, complaints and call monitoring, but the volume of calls can be time consuming and expensive.

At EMOSpeech, we are developing applications that help call centers measure the emotional characteristics in customer interactions. In addition to providing valuable performance metrics, these applications can help reduce the time spent monitoring calls, making the auditing process more effective. This is done by analyzing 100% of recorded calls and providing the output to call center supervisors. Instead of randomly selecting calls, supervisors can identify which ones should be audited, based on the type and level of emotion.

We are currently testing metrics that evaluate how agents handle different call scenarios. Handling customer complaints is probably the first scenario that comes to mind for most people, but there are other qualities that different companies might find relevant, such as assertiveness/hesitation, confidence/insecurity, empathy/indifference. We will be sharing the results of this evaluation when completed.

What emotions and call scenarios are relevant for your organization? Send us your feedback by posting a comment!

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